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Thread: Adjustments to scanners.

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    Default Adjustments to scanners.

    I have recently got a laser with 15k galvos. When I use Mamba Black to display the ilda test pattern it only runs at about 8k before it shows tails and the circle/square are the wrong size.
    I got in touch with the supplier and he has replied with this :-
    We received the following from our technical department

    When we adjust our 15KHz scanner, we used PHOENIX software which was
    developed by BOCATEC in Germany and based on their tech. Different
    software make a little bit different setting and adjustment for scanner, that
    could be the reson why you have only 8KHz with Mamba Black. Please find
    attached for the scanner adjustment instruction. You could adjust the scanner to fit your Mamba Black software.

    Best Regards!

    Please advise if this now solves your issues.
    All that is attached are 2 images, one is a connection diagram, the other is a picture of the board identifying 3 trimmers (1 for size, 1 for damping and the 3rd for gain/scanning speed/driving current).
    Can anybody advise how to adjust and in what order as to not damage anything?



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    dont feel sad that your galvo only show correct ILDA in 8kpps

    I have galvos that run some grapchic and other animations from 30-50kpps depending on the angle of galvos, and the "points" in the ilda file..

    When I try to run my 40kpps galvos with a ilda test pattern.. I need to adjust mamba down to 25-35kpps to make it rund PERFECT !! :roll:

    So I dunno ... but adjusting the angle size of the galvo make it possible to run a test pattern at 45kpps at no problem

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    kpps claims are useless without mentioning the proper angle.

    Stated speeds are never at full angle unless otherwise noted.

    Your galvo supplier should know that too.

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    Hi Jim,

    This is a decient article on tuning to 30k, most of the methods work here.

    Essentially, what you need to do is:

    Use the size pots to get each axis the same size.
    Use the speed pot to get the circle in the ilda file round
    use the damping to adjust for overshoot.

    There is a bit more too it than that, but his should get you started.

    If you are unsure of the angle they will scan 15k at, start low, and gradully work your way up

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