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Thread: How much do you guys charge?

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    Default How much do you guys charge?

    Just curious, I've made a few bucks here and there doing laser shows for private parties and such. But now that my laser is going to be legal, I will be doing profesional events.

    The question much do I charge? Is there a standard rate I have to be charging?

    Personally, I would rather charge less than others in industry (competion in a free market right?) but at the same time I heard people can get pretty pissed off if you lower the prices so much that you start taking away customers from other laerists. But then again, it is a free market right??

    As a reference, I have a 300mW white/full color projector with wideangle 30K scanners.

    How much should I be charging per gig???



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    i search the web (in Norway)
    And find out that it cost like 1000$ to rent a RGB one night !

    So I charge half of that price when I rent out my "hobby" RGB

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