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Thread: Blue 445nm (ex projector) - possible use in a lasershow projector.

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    Default Blue 445nm (ex projector) - possible use in a lasershow projector.

    Dear Forum,

    Please can anyone advise if it is practical to utilise the 1W 445nm laser diodes, typically removed from the Casio projectors for laser Lightshow use. If so, would they as such offer a low cost alternative to me spending 1000 for a 'proper' laser module?

    I have found the following on eBay, available here in the UK:-

    They seem to offer the diode, in a housing, with a drive/power supply & glass lens. I see there is no beam shaping, or TEC temperature regulation, & that duty cycle may be an issue. Along with heat sinking.

    But with maybe anamorphic prisms, a decent heat sink, & running it below the 1W level, can they work?

    I have electronic experience to Masters level & work in defence electronics design, so can fairly easily make a reasonable TEC and/or power supply if that supplied is inadequate. I used to work for the UK laser display company 'Laser Systems/Laser Studio' in Wales back in the 80s. Back then we used 4W Spectra Physics or Coherent Argon lasers. We did have a 20W Coherent I20 on the roof of a Spanish nightclub in Lloret de Mar!

    I basically wish to enquire of the feasibility, & ask for help in case it's not realistic, or if I am re-engineering something I can buy for a lot less than I can make.

    I hope I have posted to the correct forum; I looked around, but could not find anywhere more applicable, but apologies if I have mis-posted. I had no idea there were such great technical forums, with such knowledgable & helpful members, for so many different areas of science/engineering. Makes me wonder how we ever managed to get anything done even a decade or so ago!

    Many thanks, from a rather damp & chilly part of England (Somerset).

    Simon B.

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