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    Default Projector housing

    You see all these great Projector's people design and make, but the thing that strikes me most is the housing that it all sits in. Can anyone give me any suggestions to what i can use to house my components in?

    I like the housing of these Projector's at these links:

    Can anyone tell me what kind of material these people are using to house there components? It looks like the type of material.

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    I usually mount all my components on a 5mm thick aluminium bases plate. The rest of the box is made up from MDF (medium density fibreboard)(6mm thick). This is then sealed and sprayed up with a satin black finish, corner protection and plastic edging. I find it's strong enough for my needs:

    I shall be uploading some newer pics of my 300mW DPSS projector, which shows the MDF box construction

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