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Thread: Site down!

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    Default Site down!

    Was the site down for most of today or was it a network problem?

    I had withdrawal symtoms because I was missing my PL fix :?


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    Hehe... Know what you mean about needing a "PL fix". I get that way sometimes too.

    Lately I haven't had much free time to play with my toys, and it's really begining to chap my ass... Hopefully things will calm down next month and I can devote some more time to my lasers.

    As for the site being down, I couldn't say one way or the other. (Just now checking in...) Maybe Robert will chime in here with news...


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    I screwed the pooch.

    Found a couple hours this morning and i was installing a CAPTCHA system to remove the spammers ability to sign up to the forum and I took out the server, execution style.

    Damn thing ate apache services alive, needless to say I wont be using that one anytime in the future.

    Sorry for the downtime, ive got a "testbed" running in house now so I dont have to mess with the actual server until I know something works... As my friend Beth says The P Principle applies: "Prior perfect planning prevents piss poor performance"

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