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Thread: New member - Hello from Vancouver!

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    Default New member - Hello from Vancouver!

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Attila, I'm from Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    I speak Hungarian & English, so if anyone speaks Hungarian that's cool and be sure to tell me

    I'm in the business of event planning, predominantly raves, and concerts right now, soon corporate.

    Been a big fan of lasers for years, my uncle owns night clubs in Eastern Europe (Serbia & Hungary), and I probably saw my first lasershow at age 6 when I first went to his club, it was a watercooled argon system, but I don't know much more than that.

    I am just getting into ILDA controlled lasers, I do own a few DMX controlled chinese lasers, but the galvos on those are crap. The output, is not too bad.
    I am currently waiting on my first ILDA laser, one with 300mW Green, and 20kbpss scanners. I am new, and do not know too much yet, but one day soon I'd like to build my own laser system

    Nice to be finally an active member of this site


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    Welcome aboard.
    You'll find that all the members here will give advice and guidance when needed.
    Also when you need bits there is normally somebody upgrading that will do you a good deal on their old kit.


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    Welcome Attila!

    Great to see new faces here...


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    Default nice to meet you

    Nice to meet you , so comfortable to talk with you , I like your talk way and thank you for your picture !

    If you need any help welcome to contact me !

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