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Thread: Mamba + Alphalite = ?????

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    Default Mamba + Alphalite = ?????

    Has anyone here tried to connect the Alphalite XC Pro DAC to a computer running either Mamba 2004 or Mamba Black?

    I've got Mamba 2004 running right now, and while everything is working OK, I can't figure out the correct parallel port settings to get it to talk to my Alphalite box. (I can get the scanners to move but the laser won't turn on.)

    I've already tried the obvious stuff - invert blanking, etc. with no luck.

    I thought that Mamba included drivers for the Alphalite, but I see that all the ones on the CD are for USB DACs. According to the manual, the parallel port DACs have to be set up manually by using the color settings window. But once you get it set up, you can save the config file. (Which makes me wonder why they didn't bother to include one for the Alphalite in the first place...)


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    Hi Buffo

    when i was at the march Ilda meet i spoke to dirk at medialas about this, and he said it was not possible and no drivers were goint to be written for alpha products

    im not 100% sure about this but i think rick has put a PLA Programable logic array on the alpha PCB this holds the serial number and owner data, then allows the dac only to work when the alpha software is connected

    all the best Karl Dawson

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    Send Peter (Peter Mayer) an email at Medialas.
    He is always very helpful and he usually responds within a few hours (if you are in a simular time zone obviously).
    His addy is "pm hat medialas dott com" (broken up so the bots cant grab it


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