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Thread: NEWBIE - building my first projector

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    Default NEWBIE - building my first projector

    Hi Guys,

    I am very new to the laser game, and have a very fair understanding of what goes into building your own laser projector; however I want to be 100% clear because I'd like to undertake a project, and build one.

    What exactly is needed to build a laser? What supplies?

    -Diode w/Power Supply

    How do I add DMX support to my laser?
    How do I add ILDA support to my laser?
    How do I connect everything together in the box?



    PS: Sorry for the really stupid, amateur/newbie questions, however, I will do my best to document everything with pictures, and create an illustrated HoW-To when I undertake the first project to build a low-powered newbie laser projector from scratch.

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    Hi there

    There is NO question that is stupid in here, if they are related to lasers 8)
    You can do some search here, and read other posts.. but I think there is not any How-To guides here..

    But yes you need:

    Lasers+ power supplys (if it`s RGB laser you need green, red, blue)
    And you need mirrors and mirror mounts (if RGB you need OPTIC to combine the beams)
    Galvos (faster galvos for graphic 20-40kpps)
    Base-plate, maybe a thick alu-plate 5mm ore more to mount the lasers
    Case to have around the stuff
    And a DAC.. LPT dac for simple show (maybe beam show) but if you want more professional you can
    use USB dac (like EasyLase ore RIYA) I personally recomend you to just buy a USB dac

    And you need software... if you use LPT dac you can use popelscan for free... But if you buy USB DAC you need more professional software.. Mamba Black\LDS\Pangolin....

    And the ILDA port and DMX port is on the DAC you buy ( if you buy USB easylase\RIYA, and pangolin DAC i guess)

    Just ask if there is more question...

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