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Thread: Laser Inventory [what lasers do you own?]

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    Default Laser Inventory [what lasers do you own?]

    Here is my laser inventory of lasers I currently own

    2 x 30mW Green 532nm (K100)
    2 x 40mW 532nm (DMX/Sound)
    4 x 100mW 532nm green (DMX/Sound)
    2 x 150mW 532nm green (DMX/Sound)
    1 x 200mW 532nm green w/20kbps galvos (ILDA/DMX)

    2 x RGY (G: 50mW, R: 300mW, Yellow *combined*) (DMX/Sound/ILDA)

    2 x 100mW Ruby Red (DMX/Sound)
    2 x 80mW Ruby Red Sparkle (Shimmer - SOUND)

    1 x 50mW Blue 473nm laser (DMX/Sound)

    next project:

    1. 1.2Watt 532nm green w/CT6210 galvos ILDA (jan 2007)
    2. 350mW Green, 300mW red, 100mW Blue RGB ILDA laser (march 2007)

    what do you guys have?

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    I only own 10 to 40mW red diode
    16 to 40mW blue argon (power sucking beast)
    Forgot to put brand... This is a Spectra Physics 161c w/263 PS
    I also have a SP 163 head with no PS. I though the 161c's PS would work but the cabling is very different.

    and a 100mW green dpss...

    Barely an addict. :roll: I do have a SCANPRO30 scanner set up on the way. I'm sure this is a "hook" for other lasers... :lol:
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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    Edit: I needed to update this list!

    - Coherent I-90 Argon
    - Coherent I-60 Argon
    - HGM5 argon
    - Converted HGM5 w/ ALC 903 tube
    - Pair of Maxyz modules (425 mw 660 nm) - in my RGB projector
    - Lasever 150 mw dpss green - in my RGB projector
    - Lasever 100 mw dpss blue - in my RGB projector

    - 100 mw Lasever DPSS green lab unit
    - 100 mw unknown manufacturer (chinese) DPSS green
    - 40 mw Spectra-Physics 163-A argon laser (single line blue, 488nm) with newer style switching psu.
    - Assortment of ~660nm diodes from DVD burners. (Still experimenting with these)
    - 15 to 20 Helium Neon heads and PSU's varying from 2-15 mw.
    - handfulls of smaller diode lasers, plus a couple pointer DPSS modules
    - 180 mw dpss green pointer
    - 11 mw dpss green pointer
    - boxes and boxes of optical components, old galvos, stepper motors, AOM's, etc that one day I swear I'll get around to experimenting with.

    Still have the Alphalite XC pro controller, plus Mamba Black, in addition to a Pangolin QM-32 and a Pangolin QM-2000.

    Recently added a Novation Remote Zero midi controller to go with the 19" touch screen that I use with LivePro. (awesome combination!)

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    I only have :

    - 200mW Fengyuan 532nm module
    - 170mW red MaXYZ module
    (the two are mounted in my projector with easylase USB and Widemove scanners)
    - 1mW 632.8nm HeNe
    - 60mW 532nm Leadlight laser pointer
    - 60mW Leadlight with a modified 9mm 1W 808nm IR pump diode
    - Some spares of 532nm Leadlight pointers

    Can I add 5x 12W YAG 1064nm at my work?

    But I will soon or late buy a 100-200mW 473nm DPSS and a 400mW red module :twisted:

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    1 x 300mw lambda pro 532
    2 x 230mw red 660 (Marconi) Combined for 440mw
    1 x 5mw Yellow HeNe tube with powersupply ( For Sale )
    1 x Cambridge CT6800 Scanners with amps
    1 x custom projector case
    2 x QM32 Pangolin Systems
    1 x QM2000 Panglolin Systems
    1 x AOM
    Various Bit and pieces for Hook up , reflection and intergration!

    1 x 200mw Blue ( Coming Soon!)
    1 x 700mw-1000mw 532 ( coming soon!)
    1 x DT40Pro Scanners (Coming Soon!)

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    2x 100mW 650 dpss
    1x 80mW 532 dpss
    1x 150mW 650 dpss (in my homebrew rgb)
    1x 60mW 532 dpss (---ditto---)
    1x 50mW 473 dpss (---ditto---)
    1x 100mW 532 dpss
    1 set M6008 galvos (off Filip Liteglow)
    1 set clone 15k galvos (burnt out )
    1 set 15k galvos (not sure of make) in my rgb
    Oh and a little greeny from liteglow too
    MediaLas USB DAC
    Medialas Mamba Black
    Zoom AquaHaze Haze machine

    Coming when I rob a bank :-
    30-40k galvos
    400mW red
    200mW blue

    Also want to build 1W+ RGB


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    I want to add some more details not only lasers..

    From: Norway , 25 years Old, lasers have been my hobby the last 3 years, and I`m only doing this as my hobby.
    But I`m starting to rent this out now as a hobby project
    And I have one girl that is 2 year, and one boy that is 5 years old :P

    My stuff:

    Homemade RGB projector with DT-40 PRO galvos (20-50kpps)
    * Easylase USB dac (Jm-Laser)
    * 200mW blue dpss from LasEver
    * 2x200mW red dpss from Macrony (maxyzmodules)
    * 180mW green dpss from LasEver (thanx spec)

    Single Green DPSS 1.2Watt Laser (from Viasho, thanx Nono-Shen)
    1.2W laser is running on DT-40 galvos and USB EasyLase !!

    Both lasers is running from Mamba Black (From MediaLas)

    I also have one Stand alone unit from LaserArt that is modded from 40mW up to 240mW green dpss 8)

    I have 2-3 Leadlight laserpens that is modded to maybe 40-70mW

    My 240mW laser from CNI

    DT-40 PRO galvos from Jian China (Big thanx to him for sending me new galvos he is the best)

    My RGB projector , BLUE and REDs lasers on pic (green not yet mounted there)

    My 1.2Watt lasers from Viasho China

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    Well well...What can I say? You guys have lots of lasers

    as liteglow said...this is also an hobby. Quite fun I must say.

    I got 250mw green dpss laser and 360mw RGB system (super-7) from yenlite.
    This is also modded. It has now DT40 scanners from Jian.(Thanks for thoose scanners, best ever hehe)
    Got my first DAC from AlphaLite Pro + software. Then I got Easylase USB and LDS BASIC software.
    Good software both of them.

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    1 100mW green dpss
    2 10mW red Hene
    1/2 100mW Red 658nm (under construction)
    (planning for 200mW Red 650 or lower)
    some pointers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruch
    Well well...What can I say? You guys have lots of lasers
    I liken it to, who has the most toys, or who has the biggest dick
    KVANT Australian projector sales

    Lasershowparts- Laser Parts at great prices

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