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Thread: Why are American DJ / Chauvet / etc lasers in America 5.9mW?

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    Default Why are American DJ / Chauvet / etc lasers in America 5.9mW?

    Hi are their lasers so freaking weak (5.9mW) and sell for $699USD +??

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    So they can Legally sell them in the US

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    They have two offerings:

    The one you are thinking about is their default offerings that are 4.9mW to be compatible with US regulations, specifically CFR 1040.10 and 11 whereas class 3a laser devices are omitted from the filing requirement of per venue licensing.

    The *other* newer offering they have are sold with what they call "Fat-beam" technology. Those are basically 10mW units that fall under the classification of 3a due to the beam diamter being larger than "a completely open iris with a generous reserve"

    Last I saw one of those jokes they were "sporting" a 10mm beam diameter... Funny thing is they only did it for the principles of marketing speak where "moreness is betterness". The actual beam is dim compared to their 5mW offerings who have a much tighter beam, eg: 2-3mm.

    And as far as price goes... I think they took cues from the oil company on how to price their offerings. I imagine complicated equations that have variables called "name recognition", "customer loyalty", "relative value" and other such opinionated variables like "gouge factor"

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    I made the mistake of buying a "Fat Beam" Chauvet laser but luckily I only paid $200us for it. It works great though for basement/small parties though. They just came out with a violet and green mix and are trying to sell it for $800 lol. I will only make that mistake once.

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    The 10mw ones don't even look nearly as good as the 5mw ones either. The prices are horrible, I don't know how they can justify it.
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