I am now working with the authorized distributor of PHOENIX LASERSOFTWARE, and have brand new lasersoftware, DAC's, and other cool stuff for sale
Below I've posted what's available, and the retail prices. Special discounts for PL members!, so contact me for details

PHOENIX Professional
*This is the full version of the software, with support for multiple scanners and/or colours.
*Upgradable at any time for DMX addon.

Retail: 1.199 €
PL Price: contact-me!

*This is the full version of the software, however it has a one scanner output maximum
*Upgradable at any time for more scanners, and DMX addon.

Retail: 599 €
PL Price: contact-me!

PHOENIX for Light Show Programmers *LIMITED EDITION!*
*This is the software only, no output is possible - It is ideal if you want to learn how to program, and do not own a laser head yet!
**It can be upgraded later on to the other versions of the software.

Retail: 99 €

*Phoenix has the ability to run all your DMX fixtures, this addon can be installed on any of the above versions.

Retail: 249 €
PL Price: contact-me!

PHOENIX pre-programmed beam shows
*Tired of the old beams shows that come built in? Here are some awesome new ones for one low price!

Retail: €99
PL price: contact-me!

*support for ILDA, TTL, DMX, 3 colors.
*interlink up to a max. of 4 Phoenix DAC for multiple scanners.
*PC Plug n´Play USB card with cable and PowerSupply

Retail: 516 €
PL Price: contact-me!

*ILDA, TTL. DMX, 6 colors max.
*4x cards / PC maximum possible
*Plug n´Play USB card with cable and power supply

Retail: 599 €

RIYA Internal PCI card
*ILDA, TTL and DMX output,
*only 4x per PC maximum possible Plug n´Play PCI card

Retail: 599 €
PL Price: contact-me!