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Thread: Filters for meter

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    Default Filters for meter

    I am thinking about building my own light meter based on the one that I posted about on ebay in the Sales/Wants/Trades section.

    Is there somewhere to get filters that ONLY pass the RGB wave lengths.
    I meen 3 seperate filters 1 for red, 1 for green and 1 for blue.
    If not is there a filter that will only pass the wave lengths from blue to red, say from 450 - 670nm ?

    Will the filters be expensive?


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    Hi Jim,

    Back when we needed di-chroic filters, we used filters made by a company called CORION. They make great filters. Very high quality, but also very expensive. If you just need to get some generic cheepy filters, I would recommend Edmonds Scientific. They come in pretty big squares (something like 2 inches by 2 inches) and are reasonably priced.

    If it is just for measuring the laser power of various wavelengths, I would actually recommend you use an equilateral Prism. That way you will be sure to measure only the light of interest, and not the IR that usually accompanies laser light emanating from DPSS lasers...

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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