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    Default On the hunt...

    Ello all, I guess this is my first actual laser-related post, so let's get started...
    I want to buy a laser! :P

    I'm going to be making my own projector (or rather, drastically improving on an old shoddy first-draft design made by yours truly). Currently I have a <115mw 532nm DPSS, but the problem is, it's in pen form. It was great as a starter project but I'm looking to buff it up, starting out with an actual mounted laser. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to utilize any TTL modulation with the equipment I plan to assemble (still rather cheap stuff; I am in college after all). But I am looking for an actual mounted DPSS 532nm laser, power-supply included, 200-300mw, for less than $500; the cheaper the better. I wouldn't be buying it immediately, but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any sources? I looked around the forum here but everything seems to recommend much higher or lower powers than what I'm looking for.

    Another consideration was removing the diode from my <115mw and drilling out a custom heatsink for it so I don't have to worry about its cruddy duty cycle. Should I just try that instead?

    BTW I'm using it for beam effects in smoke during a neighborhood fireworks show. I already did one this year with the projector on my website, but it didn't go too well since the wind blew out the smoke and I was using steppers in the projector. Nevertheless it was a pretty big hit and so I have to one-up myself.

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    Have a look at dave's ebay site.
    He does a 200mW green for AU$569 which is US$433.
    dave is a respected member here.


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