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    :x I have been trying off and on all day to get in touch with someone that could help me obtain a variance. Every number I picked up on (CDRH Home page) was someone out of town or they handed me off to a machine. One of these even stated not to leave a message!!! I have all the paperwork. I want to talk to someone who is in the administration or has some kind of control of this department. It seems they are elusive at best. Maybe they are out smashing lasers that don't comply :?: I just want to be legal to do shows indoors and no moneys will be involved with the show in any manner. I would like to be able to do outside shows with a screen (back drop) this summer. This is typical g'vmt crap to chase someone down only to find they are not who you need to speak with. If there is a chance of making a little $ now and then , with the paperwork, all the better. If there is any help........please let me know.

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    Have a look at this USNET thread for some help. I called the CDRH a few years ago and spoke to some very helpful people, then posted the results of that call on alt.lasers. Although I'm pretty sure their phone number / extensions have changed (they were instaling a new phone system when I called), if you can ask for some of the people mentioned in my post by name they should be able to help you out.


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