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    So I dj a regular night. Last night I brought in the laser for the first time. So the setup is My computer & Laser plugged in to my decks and mixer. Then to there mixer and out to there sound system. Now there sound system is just bad. There is a nasty buzz all the time. There answer is to just turn up the sound. So I plugged into the system during setup and in my mixer I have a buzz. I just figured it was a feedback from there system. Didn't think anything of it. I did 30min of testing before open no problems. The club opened and about 2 hrs into it time for me to go on. I did a quick sound check on my mixer and that damn buzz was lauder in my headphones. I fired up the test pattern and it wasn't straight. I thought that was odd. So I go on anyhow after about 3 songs in the DAC locked up which took out Mamba. Thank god winamp was still running. So I switch back to cd for a song and reboot. I continue where I left off. After 30 sec same thing. Now during this time I had noticed that Circles weren't circles they kinda looked abstract then it hit me. The DAC would have the same noise as my headphones! Oh no! I ran to my car to grab a wiring tester (by day I'm an IT guy and have a bunch of tools in the car) Sure enough there is a wiring fault in the building. I asked the club manager. He laughed like it was a funny joke. "Oh yeah, has been for a while now. Something about the amps in the same box as everything else." So I quit my Set and let another Dj on. I ran back to the car to grab a UPS. Hoping it would help plug it in and the UPS would not turn on. Wiring Fault! Wow... I unplugged from there mixer and still nothing. I pack up rush home plug in laser and computer it was back to normal.

    So is there anything I can do? Could that hurt my equipment? Not that I ever want to try that again there.

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    Google "ground loop"

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    What Kevin said.

    You have ground loop issues.

    Make sure each part of your system only has one path to ground. When you have mutable paths, the earth acts as an antenna to 50/60Hz radiation.
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