Phew , maybe a year ago there was an article in one of the optics magazines about laser TV , and how they would need THREE WATT diodes , RGB , and they have created them , size of a moatchbox for each colour speckle ! called Necsel from novalux ... , according to their website thy are still on track to launch in late 2007 , laser Tvs which would be a serious rival to plasma and LCD , based mainly on being cheaper , brighter and better quality.

From memory they were talking about if you order a million units they cost $70 each ? but I am sure the cheapest way for laser enthusiast to get a hold of them will be to buy a telly and rip it apart ..initially anyway ! i am sure they were talking about the Laser Tvs retailing for under <$1000.

At the time i thought it would be indredible being able to get hold of that type of power output for such great prices .just wondering if i got a hold of it all wrong , will the necsel units be useless for say laser show use ?

Any info on how they are creating the images , surely they are not using galvos in there ?

Is the future ? necsel units projecting TV images over distances ? TV images on the clouds by laser ?