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Thread: REO He-Ne tunable laser

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    Default REO He-Ne tunable laser

    Research Electro Optics out of Colorado.

    Low power 5 line tunable HeNe laser , if you want to spend the money($4050.00)it is a nice unit.
    Old model # was LSTP-1010 was replaced by 30602.

    Nice tight beam with low noise and smooth micrometer control's for the color and transverse adjustments.

    the new units do not have the heater on the OC and the case temp runs cool when the laser is run for extended periods of time.

    Due to the coatings on the broadband OC , the borelight output is much lower than a single color HeNe.

    The prism shape has changed as well as the dust box for the better.

    Minium specs , 633nm-4mw,612nm-2.5mw,604nm-0.5mw,594nm-0.6mw,543nm-0.3mw

    Laser I received June 2006 :

    I am very happy with this laser and makes a great alignment laser for the many lasers I come across due to the quick accurate color change.

    Threre is a wait time for these as they are built to order.

    As a certified laser nut , I had to have one of these !

    I have purchased 4 of these types of lasers on eBay used , and one of the 4 works and I was lucky to get it at $450.

    If you do manage to find a used one , check the mod # and if it is a '0010 , chances are it has a bad tube for these lasers have a soft seal brewster window and this will go bad over the years.


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    That sounds like fun... I miss the beamprofile of the HeNe's...

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