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Thread: wanted ILDA compatible package for beginner

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    Default wanted ILDA compatible package for beginner

    Sorry for my English

    I am looking for something to begin with. That is, complete,cheap set of basic hardware and software(win32/linux).
    There is some PC controlled lasers, like "C-Super 60" or "Big Dipper K1000+" but i am not sure if they meet my needs.

    I am from Latvia, (EU,Baltic states). What about delivery costs?

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    Try out the for cheap software and hardware. Called AlphaLite Pro.
    Great beginner hardware and software.

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    Ow... It does not look easy... I'm better in programming,not soldering.
    It would be nice to see something like
    laser box,cables,and CD with software

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    All you have to do is solder one pin on a DB25 port (provided) to another; that's it, just two very open and easy pins. Heck, you could probably bend the pins together. I just got a DT-40 Pro set w/ Alphalite... it's a snap to hook up, and it's my first system of this sorts.

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    Hi akkucis

    I would recomend that you look through these forums and learn
    about building a laser show .... but also about the dangers of using lasers in pubic.

    building a laser show is not lke buying an Xbox360 .... its hell of a lot more

    think of the dangers and showing it in a public domain .....

    pleae enjoy lasers as they are very VERY special ..... but dont rush ... learn and
    understand .... then when you feel comfortable .... buy your laser and share the magic.. 8)

    all the best ......... Karl

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    Thank you all .
    I have some basic experience with lasers, i made some rotating mirror and prism based effects, and i have read about safety,IR etc..

    Alphalite set is not for me...
    DT-40 Pro set +Alphalite will cost $349+$630+laser kit+shipping?
    Not cheap, not basic. Yes, there is a lot of cool features, but i do not need them now.

    Complete green laser comes ~$600+shipping on ebay.
    Software? There is some open source scripts, and free tools.

    Oh, and my last stupid question:
    Is it possible to use laser and DMD chip (modified DLP projector) for effects ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akkucis

    Oh, and my last stupid question:
    Is it possible to use laser and DMD chip (modified DLP projector) for effects ?
    Basic huh? :?

    I am using popelscan as a software sollution as it was/is free but it uses a LPT port DAC and is kinda limited, but again, it's free. I also built my projector and you will find
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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