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Thread: The Quantoscope

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    Default The Quantoscope

    I notice much more information becoming available on the net concerning the quantoscope.

    Soon , we will not need scanners do to graphic's

    The CRT with the face being of a laser medium will finally allow massless diflection of light at very high speed.

    Very interesting workaround ! to use magnetic or electrostatic diflection of a massless electron beam which is converted to a laser beam at the face of the CRT.

    Nice !

    Anybody else out here folowing this evolution of the CRT in laser applications ?


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    Hi Dave,

    Many years ago this was discussed by people from Russia. I think there was a whitepaper presentation on this at a Laser F/X conference in Canada. It's just an e-beam pumped semiconductor laser....

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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