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Thread: Mamba Black Updated

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    Default Mamba Black Updated

    Just to let the MB folks out there know that MediaLas have released Version 1.71 of Mamba Black.
    I'm not too sure about any additions or bug fixes to it though.
    There is one MAJOR difference to those that use it in demo though, it doesn't support demo! you need to have your dongle plugged in for the program to load, so be careful about updating if you only use the demo.


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    Thanks for the info Jimbo! (rhyme unintentional)

    I just sent Rick Gebhardt a link to that update page a few days ago. I wanted him to be able to D/L Mamba Black so he could run it in demo mode and at least look at the parallel port output settings. I'm trying to figure out if Mamba will talk to the Alphalite DAC, and I figured Rick would be the best person to ask. (I already checked with Peter at Medialas, but he said that he hadn't even heard of the Alphalite until he got my message. Go figure!) But I didn't know that they had dissabled the demo mode in the new update.

    Anyway, it looks like I'll need to send Rick a copy of the old 1.62 executable. I know that the older version still supports demo mode. But thanks for the heads up!


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