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Thread: Turn it in to something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradfo69 View Post
    Holy crap... SORRY! I'll just go away now.
    It is all good Brad, selling them on ebay may be better as the fundage may be better for other laser goodies. (except selling on fleabay sorta is no fun)

    Support your local Janitor- not solicited .

    Laser (the acronym derived from Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation) is a spectacular manifestation of this process. It is a source which emits a kind of light of unrivaled purity and intensity not found in any of the previously known sources of radiation. - Lasers & Non-Linear Optics, B.B. Laud.

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    That petroglyph Lumia is sweeeeeet! Thanks for the advice guys.

    Think I might try to sell them on ebay or do something crazy with them like diffraction grating or lumia with weird shaped glass trinkets from the flea market.

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