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Thread: Open Source Laser Power Meter

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    Default Open Source Laser Power Meter

    ARGMeter the Open Source Laser Power Meter

    ARGMeter is an open source laser power meter platform for the Arduino. The goal of this project is to give hobbyists access to a DIY LPM design for only the cost of hardware that they can expand and modify to suit their needs. This project has been through many prototypes and many designs, and is finally ready for release.
    Rather than clutter up a thread will all the details I put everything on a website for anyone to use.
    The project is continually under design and additions are made daily, if you see a bug or mistake please PM me or post here so that I may change it.


    * Ophir 20C-A and TEC compatible
    * Real time data logging via PC or MAC
    * 2.5" Liquid Crystal Display
    * Full backlight control
    * Zeroing
    * Peak power
    * Run with 9V battery or a 9V AC plug pack
    * Up to 0.1mW resolution
    * Up to 60 measurements per second

    TEC (Will vary based on TEC and paint used)
    * 3.5W max
    * 30s response time (0-95%)
    * 50W/cm^2 max power density
    * <1mW noise
    * 400-1100nm
    * True curve adjustment

    Ophir 20C-A
    * 4W max
    * 0.8s response time (0-95%)
    * 0.5mW noise
    * See datasheet for full details.


    All documentation of ARGMeter can be found here:


    ARGMeter is released under the terms of the GNU GPLv3. For more information, see the official site.
    The GNU General Public License v3.0 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

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    This is very interesting. Might have to build me one of these.
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    cannot acsess site

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    They went belly up IIRC....

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