I posted a review of O-like medium power lasers over at :


At the risk of double-threading, here is just the info about the lasers themselves:

I am building a museum installation that will involve 17 laser lumia projectors.

I need: small size, low power (150 - 600mw), inexpensive, backed by a good company.

I shopped around for the best deal in low-power jobbies, and chose these:


As usual, the green is a tiny dot, the blue is a small line, and the red is a flashlight, but for lumia, they work very well indeed. I imagine some corrective optics would make these ideal for use in a first projector build.

The big deal here is the drivers: they are all analog modulated! They come in a small plastic case that can be mounted in two different ways; you short the TTL mod input, hook up 0-5VDC to the analog mod input and away you go. I requested and received extra connectors to short out the TTL inputs.

And they all have little fans, which are very quiet; just what I need in a museum environment.

I tested them and all of them are at or above spec.

I haven’t tested them for high-speed switching as you would need for a graphics or beam projector, but I imagine they would work pretty well. I just use the analog mod for final level-matching between the projectors.