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Thread: Wanted: Lexel 88 or 85

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    Default Wanted: Lexel 88 or 85

    Im looking for a lexel 85 or lexel 88. If anyone has one they want to part with, please PM me.

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    I know of a source of special ALC-909 OEM laser heads that were released by American Laser Corp to be a drop in replacement for a Lexel 88 OEM.

    We have one, see it here!

    More CW power/current handling coming from the much larger cathode. Essentially a shorter ALC909, so at 32A these things will do over 6 Watts, althought weve only run it up to 25A as we cannot be certain these were designed to do more than just pulse at that current. (the lexel 88's certainly should not be run anywhere approaching 20-25A)...

    We see 3.5 watts on a good day out of our alc-909 at 25A. Althouigh this has dropped to around 3.0 watts as we haven't cleaned the optics since we got it a few years back.

    Florian at AbSee lasers sold us ours. he is a good dude, we got ours rather cheap considering. Comes with an OEM switcher supply. So we can put 3.5 watts out of this thing off a single phase, drawing less than 20A!
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    A friend of mine has a Lexel 88 for sale. I will find out more info. Where are you?

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    Hi Todd,

    Your SP 168 White light laser is packed and waiting for payment. I'm leaving on vacation for 2 weeks starting feb 4/07 so best get the payment to me asap otherwise you will have to wait until the end of February for me to ship.

    Thanks & Best Regards


    P.S. I also have a Spectra-Physics 164 Argon Ion laser with only about 340 hours on the original tube. It came with single line 488 blue optics and was doing 500 milliwatts blue ,but when I changed the optics over to broadband I'm getting slighlty over 6 watts (5 lines) at 30 amps using my Aurora 40 laser power supply.
    The lowest power setting on my Aurora and I still get over one watt output from the SP164 . It's a beauty to behold.
    I shone it outside across my backyard terminating the beam onto a tree one night and couldn't help but wonder If I was going to set the bark on fire if i left it there too long.
    Holy crap , it was a solid beam from the house to the tree and I had a good chuckle.
    Not the kind of power you might use to get your pets attention for exercise and entertainment.
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