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    Default Newby Asks ???

    Hi all, all the way from South Africa. I need some expertiese, hence here I am posting on the forum.

    Some background: I have a 2 Watt green dpss laser with 30kpps scanners, I use Phoenix Show Controller Software.

    Now I was wondering if someone could shed some light for me on adding beam table effects to my laser projector.
    Currently my laser source shines directly into the scanners and there I have my laser projector. I would like to have the option
    of different beam table effects. Any body know how I would go about doing something like this?

    Thanks for the intrest
    :?: :idea: :!: :arrow:

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    Could you elaborate on what you mean by beam table effects?

    You could use some diffraction gratings to increase the range of effects on your projector. You'll need to find a way of diverting the beam from going directly to the scanners and onto the gratings. Perhaps a solenoid with a mirror attached, or another galvo. Or, use the gratings in front of the scanners, so it will project many mirror images. Again, you need to find a way of taking the grating off the path when ever you want.

    Ohh, and welcome aboard
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    Hi ....

    I am using a POLY20 wheel

    made by laser Visuals in the uk

    it is a stepper motor that can rotate smoothly through the 20 different gratings or you can select any of the gratings
    i use it as a backup if my PC / scanners crash and i need to reboot ....

    Im currently in South africa ... im in Sandton, Jo-berg ..... im installing a mini egg production line at megga Candy
    but im leaving .... going back to the uk on friday

    All the best ..... Karl

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    Default lASER EFFECTS

    Ok, thanks for all the replies,

    The core that I would like to know is, When using Phoenix Show Control Software.
    How do I control the different effects created when using as eg: Diffraction gratings, Differnt alignment mirrors inside the laser.

    So in the end, I will have a Beam table with different effects, How do I contol all these with the Phoenix control software.

    And does anybody have an idea where I could find some predesigned Laser Shows for Phoenix?

    Banthai, what do you think of South Africa?
    Hope you had a enjoyable stay


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    hey can not complain ... been 32 deg today .... bit better than back home

    people are great .... everyone at the factory im at is extreemly hard working and happy ..... a lot more than in
    the factorys i go to in the uk .... :roll:

    im staying at a city lodge hotel ( bit like a hol inn express back home ) although it does have a pool and a bar
    so thats ok .... although i usualy only stay at marriots

    its a great country and with a good developing skilled industry ..... could be competition for china in the future 8)

    oh .... and great lightning storms over the last few evenings .... infact good one right now

    all the best ..... Karl

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