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Thread: Who knows this (leadlight?) board?

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    Default Who knows this (leadlight?) board?

    It looks like a mix between an 105 and 110, there is no LED and an awfull lot of resistors. It is also allmost impossible to trace the diagram. I found it in a BTG-2 from Z-Bolt. Turning the pot makes no difference in output, any direction whatsoever.

    The unit gives a bright stable beam, think close to 5mW. The APC beamsplitter is also the IR filter at the same.

    pot side :

    back side :

    Any information would be welcome. So far I haven't touched the board.

    I wonder if I can 't just waste teh excisting board and APC and copy the known good old 105 board and connect that tho the diode. Ideas?

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