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Thread: 405nm and 445nm Diode Laser Modules

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    Default 405nm and 445nm Diode Laser Modules

    I found this site while surfing:

    They make UV, violet, and violet-blue laser diode modules (and some DPSS lasers at 473nm, 532nm, and 561nm). The purple anodized cases are a nice touch. 8)

    I tried to find prices, to no avail. I hate it when companies and their distributors don't post at least a price range. Anyone ever heard of them, know about them, or have any experience with them?

    Here's the specs to slobber over:

    Wavelength 405 nm (-5 ... +10 nm)
    CW Power 50 mW
    Beam Mode TEM00
    Beam Diameter (at window, typ.) 3 mm
    Beam Divergence < 0.6 mrad
    Polarization ≥ 100:1, Linear
    Power Requirements (max.) 10 W
    Input Voltage 5 V
    Length 150 mm ∅ 30 mm
    External Control Interface Analog power control & TTL modulation
    Weight 250 g
    Operating Temperature 10 ... 40C
    Storage Temperature -20 ... +60C

    Wavelength 445 nm (-5 ... +5 nm)
    CW Power 40 mW
    Beam Mode TEM00

    (other specs are the same)
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    I wrote for a price quote for bare diodes from Nachia not to long ago. These were the prices they quoted me... Mind you these are for low quantities, it's the reason you don't see these things even in high end products. They are used in highly specialized areas, like instruments on space-craft and such. What ever it is it needs to be worth the cost, cause they ain't cheap.

    1. PRICE
    Currently unit prices for the minimum shipping quantity (1 piece) are as

    - Violet 405 nm
    NDHV310APC (30-60mW) : US$2,000/each
    NDHV220APAE1 (Transverse multi-mode 200mW, engineering sample) :

    - Blue 445 nm
    NDHB510APA (50mW) : US$3,000/each

    - Aqua Marine 473 nm
    NDHA210APAE1 (20mW, engineering sample) : US$3,000/each

    - UV 375 nm
    NDHU110APAE3 (20mW, engineering sample) : US$3,000/each

    Above price include Freight by courier. Standard lead time 2 weeks.
    In accordance with bigger shipping quantities, appropriate discounts shall be applied.
    Regrettably no further discounts shall be quoted even for an educational party like you.

    Have a good one.

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    "Violet 405 nm
    NDHV310APC (30-60mW) : US$2,000/each
    NDHV220APAE1 (Transverse multi-mode 200mW, engineering sample) :
    US$2,500/each "

    That one seems kinda low don't it?
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