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Thread: FDA requirements for importing bench lasers:what are they?

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    Default FDA requirements for importing bench lasers:what are they?

    The FDA requirements for laser pointers has been done to death on most laser forums. I've read basically nothing on FDA requirements for importing benchlasers.

    You have Chinese companies like dreamlasers that sell a lot of class 3b and class 4 bench lasers to the USA. I'm very curious what they have to do to meet FDA requirements. I know for laser pointers, Chinese companies ignore FDA requirements, often at their own expense. But what about benchlasers?

    Do you need a permit or a licence to buy one?
    Do these companies need prior approval from the FDA before importing?
    If i was in the US and ordered a bench laser from Dreamlasers, would i get an empty box with a note inside telling me that my thousand dollar laser has been confiscated by customs?

    It is easy to understand restrictions for high powered laser pointers but are there restrictions for bench lasers? What are they? This is something i've never seen discussed on forums before.
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    A logical suggestion would be to read the FDA website. Unfortunately I have already done that.

    These are just some of the pages Iíve read through trying to find answers.

    There is no simple clear explanation (could be just me) on what the exact requirements are for important a bench laser so hence this thread. To see if anyone here can help out.
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    You might want to simply call the CDRH and see what they say.

    If you don't already have a variance for a projector that you've built, the answer may be different that if you're already registered as a laser projector manufacturer. As a hobbyist I'm curious as to what their stance is.


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