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Thread: Omnichrome 532 on ebay

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    Default Omnichrome 532 on ebay

    I came across this recently:

    So far, $200 and no bids. I got a quote for shipment to California and it's about $140.

    As far as I know, these should be capable of 150-250mw and run on 220v. Output looks weak in the photos but this might just be because the current is turned down or a simple alignment problem.

    I would bid on it myself but I just blew my laser budget for the month on this:

    Actually, now that I think about it, I may bid on it anyway. If anyone here is really interested in it let me know and I'll let it go.

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    I started to bid when it was low....went beyond what I could spend quickly. Please give us pix and a review.
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    I will. With ebay it's always a gamble, so I'm hoping the module works ok.

    I did some math on my expenses for the month and (after I stopped sobbing) I decided to let the argon laser go.

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