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Thread: Lasever versus CNI Blue

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    Default Lasever versus CNI Blue

    Has anyone compared these lasers? I'm wondering what the main points of difference might be. Can anyone shed some light on the performance of these lasers in terms of: stability, beams specs and modulation performance?

    Is CNI still far ahead?

    many thanks.

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    I did have 50 mw CNI laser but it was TTL modulation. Came with I/R filter installed and had no problems with it. Only used about 50 hours...not much longer and then it was sold. Lasever unit with ananlog mod fell off from 150mw down to 95mw after about 2o hours time on it. Also had beam issues. Returned for upgrade and new unit exhibits minor beam issues, but much higher power than rated for.....nearing a 50% higher than stated. So I am pleased with it for now....have not modulated it though....projector parts waiting for case to be returned to me.
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