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Thread: winni need some help and suggestion

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    John's e-mail address is his PL username @ (Don't want to post it here for fear that it will get picked up by a spam-bot.)

    Also, please send me an updated list as well. Thanks!


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    I just had to chime in here... Still being kinda new to all of this, I went to Winni at GoldenStar because I wanted a laser that could suit MY needs... She had to custom build me one... SD card support isn't usually found in higher model lasers (not the ones I've researched anyway), and the fact that this laser, INCLUDING shipping (which is not cheap) all the way from China, cost me not much more than $300...?!? Winni was super helpful with my questions (waaay too many to list, lol), patient, and delivered everything she said to me and more...

    And let's face it: Lasers are NOT a cheap hobby... Granted, I kinda wish I had the foresight to ask for 30k lasers instead of 20k, but I got more than what I paid for... Yes, China has a "reputation" amongst some companies as being cheap and shoddy (and I mean cheap in the bad way, not as being "inexpensive"). But what Goldenstar delivers is so far and above and beyond what I expected from them... We all should be grateful for honest people like Winni, because I was VERY skeptical going into the laser purchase to begin with, though everyone swore by her prices and her standards... When I heard about this (I just read about it tonight), yeah I was pissed off... People have to think: DO we WANT companies like GoldenStar to go under? Frankly, I will PROBABLY either order faster laser parts to swap out or another laser. And it WILL come from Goldenstar. SO, I want Winni to be around! Plain and simple... I can't afford to spend 4 or 5 thousand for a laser that probably WON'T be modded to my specifications...

    Without Winni, I would still be frustrated with a toy laser that I would be replacing diodes on every so often. And since I can't seem to get the purple laser lined up, I'd just be endlessly frustrated... Grateful am I and hopefully everything gets resolved in here...

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    Winni has been very helpful, but unfortunately, the 2 IDENTICAL lasers she sold me do not function identically, so I for one will not remove "cheap and shoddy" from my definition of Chinese business practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stiffler View Post
    Winni has been very helpful, but unfortunately, the 2 IDENTICAL lasers she sold me do not function identically, so I for one will not remove "cheap and shoddy" from my definition of Chinese business practice.
    I have no problems buying components from China but this is why I build my own projectors. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be building your own soon.
    Those who fail to grasp art are the ones who criticize it.

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    I think of China as "The Wild West". I have purchased some very good sub-components from China and this include some advanced, custom laser crystals. I have also been completely disappointed with some useless components. I believe if you find a good and reliable company in China, that you have some experience with, then stick with them and consider the crap as field research. This is why I will not risk large purchases directly for China...I must be willing to toss the garbage.

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    Hello everyone !
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