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    Just wanted to take a moment to give some feedback on the folks at Lumina Visual Productions (lasershowparts on ebay) and Lasever. I discovered an issue with my Lasever 473nm laser when I attended FLEM last month. It was suppose to perform at 150mW, however when compaired to Astroguy's 100mW, there was no compairison. When metering the laser with Buffo and Spec's meter (thanks guys!) the output was around 35mW! So I emailed the guys at Lumina Visual Productions hoping not to get any kind of run around. I was surprised by thier quick response, not only that, I sent to laser off to be fixed and was surprised to find a replacement being delivered only 10 days later. I'm amazed, I completely expected to be without blue for a month. The new laser is working fine and the blue completely washed out my balanced pallette that was set for my old unit. Big thanks to Aijii, Dave and Lasever.


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    Wow! That's awsome. It's good to hear you got that cleared up. That was probably the only "bad" part to the event. I felt bad cause mine measured over. dave has talked with me through dozens of PMs here when I got my scanners off him on eBay. Very good sellers in my opinion. Once I get a decent software/DAC set up I'm sure I'll be bothering him again...
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