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Hi all,

OK, it's a little late for a Christmas-related post, but take a look at this:

It is a house with christmas lights and lasers, all controlled by Pangolin LD2000. Pretty cool!!

Does anyone know who this Joe is? Apparently he is in Ohio. Is he a member of PL?

Best regards,

William Benner

Bill and PL wizards,

I received an email from Steve at Midwest Laser yesterday regarding some other business, and he sent me the link to this post and wondered if I knew about this Christmas Light display that Bill mentioned back in 2007. I joined PL in 2011, so I did not realize this discussion was out there. This was the creation of mine with the help of my family. Banthai is correct - it is all controlled by Lasershow Designer 2000 and a single QM2000. Joe's Garage is the name I gave my shop in honor of the late Frank Zappa. Here's a couple pics of the neon sign I built outside the shopClick image for larger version. 

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Yes, that was my Christmas lights/lasers/pyro. That link got pulled by Youtube for copyright infringement. The next year TSO had a Christmas light contest and all contestants were given permission to use their music. We did a little cleanup and filmed it again the next year. Here is that link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2r-LUKn17Q

I then filmed a behind the scenes video of it:

And then in 2011, we expanded the show to three songs and cleaned up things a little more. This was done again with the 20 watt Laserscope KTP 532 for beams (with FAA approval) and a Spectra Physics 168 Mixed gas for graphics :


I last set it all up in for Christmas 2021.

We plan to set it up for Christmas 2023 and get some high quality video. I will still use the YAG for beams, but use a couple RGB Diode lasers for graphics.