Everyone should check out the group buy I just started over at the CPF.

Here's a mini review.

Here are a few of the features:

Linearity test comparing calorimeter laser meter reading with the LPM-1:

Result: less than 2% error within spec. range.

Autoranging measurement of light power in 4 ranges from ~100 uW to 100mW (800mW with ND8 option)
At least 5% accuracy over native range
Multiple sensor calibrations for different wavelengths :473,532,635,660, and 808nm selectable in a menu.
16 character by 2 line alphanumeric display
3 Pushbuttons provide control of measurements & configuration using a simple menu system.
Automatic 5-minute power down to extend battery life (can be turned off for datalogging)
RS232 datalogging capability at 57600 baud
Peak hold remembers the peak reading in a series
2Hz (2 samples/sec) update and logging rate, 400Hz internal sample rate
Sensor at top of meter for easy, safe readings
Ruggedized internal surface mount construction
Rubber side grips

Group buy special price: $150
Normal Price $180

Optional features:
Range extending ND8 neutral density filter included and calibrated $10
RS232 datalogging pre-built cable $32 OR
RS232 datalogging DIY kit $15
Backlit display $10

The kit schematics for the RS232 interface will be posted free for those who can build their own.