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Thread: Test results of Hoya lense

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    Exclamation Test results of Hoya lense

    These ar my findings on the Hoya HMC Super multicoated skylite unit. All measurements performed with Liconix and Lasercheck. Within 2% +/_ between the two instruments.
    532nm low power 11.7mw no filter 11.2mw with
    532nm high power 160mw no filter 153mw with

    635nm low power 4.01 mw no filter 3.97mw with

    671nm high power 126mw no filter 123mw with

    I have not tested the 473nm region as of now. I performed the testing with the lense at a 90 Deg angle to beams. I did however record a small reflection at and increasing to the 45 Deg angle to the beam. At 45 Deg, 150mw of 532nm yielded 7.23 mw of reflected light. Seeing the scanner mirrors will be at 10 Deg or less for me , I don't see a problem. All for 30USD...this is the 77mm unit......more to come later.......
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    Sounds nice! ;D

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