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Thread: Green AR coated optics at non-lab prices

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    Default Green AR coated optics at non-lab prices

    Do any of you have sources for quality AR coated optics for 532nm that aren't priced for purchase by government funded labs?

    I'm looking to make a collimator for my Coherent 315M and would like to minimize both backscatter and light loss through the 2-3 lenses I'll need to re-collimate (the divergence on this laser is large) the beam.
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    If you're doing something "custom" where a standard laser collimator won't do, then Edmund Sci's surplus division Anchor Optics has some nice coated lenses. (

    Otherwise a preassembled module from meredith instruments or midwest laser is a good deal.

    If the prices they list is too high, I also know of some *real* fly-by-night places but your quality isn't assured.

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