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Thread: Mobolazer g-scan amp mods

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    Default Mobolazer g-scan amp mods

    Has any one modified a mobolazer gscan driver amp box to take input from another source as the built in effects are rubbish. I would love to be able to put a small dmx addressed module with some sort of sd card with preset effects I want on it. Or something very similar without costing a fortune. I saw the 6 pin cable going between the keypad and amp box and thought woohoo! Power +/- xyb and a common makes six... According to the meter this is not the case:-(
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    It can be done, Its difficult to do without a schematic ..The scanners were made by Laserworks for Mobolazer, , I don't think they will help you on that though... The keypad just sends bits of data to a processor that does all the sending to the scanner amp. If you can find the spot on the board they feeds the amp that drives the scanners you can interrupt the signal there and drive them with whatever you want. that is a possibility. Good luck.

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