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    That's pretty cool. Looks just like the "grafitti on a building" laser video someone posted last week.

    Anyone know how much that thing sells for? (My guess is that it's expensive!)


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    Hi all ....

    its very cool .... but as for price ...... most proberbly in to 250,000 + price range ......

    i did a bit of a search on this and its just one of many "concept Products" from philips and they say that most of them wont see the light of day ... as with most "concept" thinga they are just demonstrations of what could be done ( if they had the technology at the right price ) .....

    Now i personaly think that we are being told a few porkies here....!
    ( oops cockney rhyming slang ..... Porkies = pork pies = LIES ... for our international friends )

    I think that the wand and the bucket contain just LEDs to show the colour mix and the image is REAR projected using a video projector onto the screen ... ( pretend wall ) ..... Why ? you may ask ....

    well a few things .....

    1 no visible beams coming from the bucket

    2 when the boy draws under the image ( wheels etc .. )from the angle of the bucket projector he would cast a shadow with his hand and wand and break up the image which is projected above where he is drawing ..... (which he doesnt)

    3 the beam width is way to big considering its brightnes ..... unless they have managed to fit a 40W yag in that bucket ....

    4 oh and of course all kids can have much fun and great amusement buy drawing a single dot and then turning the bucket round and firing it into their friends eyes .... oh such fun as we all watch the blinded kids bump into things and fall over .... i can see all the parents crying with laughter ooohh the jollyness of it all

    sorry to poo poo this .... cos the idea is cool .....

    but im sorry but it aint going to be in my kids stocking next year

    all the best ..... KARL
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