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Thread: OPT Laser Shenzen ( Seriously bad quality )

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    Warranty? Hell, you did not receive what you asked for! Very common in China low end.... Usually a discount is offered in compensation.
    Quote Originally Posted by PeterB View Post

    Well, this one came in one of their standard designs.
    It was based on their 3 Watt RGB but we specifically asked for a 2.5 Watt.
    They stated they could build any combination.

    So we asked for :

    1000 mW 445
    1000 mW 638
    500 mW 532

    We got:

    1200 mW blue
    300 mW red ( badly aligned optics resulted in 2 x 250 mW ending up at 300 mW total )
    600 mW Green ( where this dropped to 300 mW wwhen the driver was set to ANAlog instead of TTL )

    As for warranty,
    Yep it is on their website but that's as far as it the end you don't get any warranty.
    At least we didn't.
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    Laser Warning Hi peter

    Hi Peter

    Nice to see you are sharing story between us

    i want to add some more details to complete your story


    the laser shipped without flight case to lower down your cost

    unfortunately, the Custom opened it and didn't pack it as tightly as we did

    so the system was dropped seriously, even the thick aluminum case are bent

    this is how the mess start


    you said the green is damaged, ok, you shipped it back, then we offer you free repair and shipping


    you said the control board also damaged, ok, we offer you free replacement and shipping again


    but you said you didn't get any warranty from us, is it fair ?


    after we shipped the controller again, you blew up the controller and safety board cause your improper operation

    you asked we supply another free replacement and shipping, we refused

    You are also laser dealer

    Will you supply free warranty when your customer open the case and damage it by improper operation?

    6. about the red diode laser

    we sell more than 10 thousands pc of this model, this diode laser with very stable quality, we know it much better than you

    we have reason to suspect it may also caused by another improper operation


    the blue diode from Osram, Red diode from Mitsubishi, i told you before, if you can not remember, you can ask,

    i don't mind telling you again

    the Green has Tec cooling absolutely, 500mw dpss green need TEC cooling, it is common sense.

    we occupy more than 60% share of Chinese stage laser module market

    you have 60% chance to use our service again at your next cooperation with Chinese partner

    please inform your partner don't use Optlaser products next time


    i am not come to argue with you here, i am trying to find out a solution

    we are both laserist here, i wanna ask you guys a question

    what will you do when you meet this issue?

    i am really appreciate if you can give me some suggestions


    PS .please Peter tell a complete not a hand-pick story next time
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    lol why would you send a laser MODULE in a flight case? this Elmer guy is so full of shit...

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    Where did Peter ever say he bought just a module?
    Peter even lists the other projector parts he's had issues with in one of his earlier posts.
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    This thread is rated 60% shit, 40% wee-wee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dnar View Post
    This thread is rated 60% shit, 40% wee-wee.
    piss my shit .
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    Quote Originally Posted by andy_con View Post
    piss my shit .
    I was waiting for that andy!

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    I asked Peter if he would sell me the case, dicros, and diode mounts only, and he wanted almost half what he paid for the complete projector. Winni wanted $60.

    I knew the whole thing sounded way to fishy. <{{{{>={
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    Hello Let me pitch in on this.
    *copies from what I posted on facebook*
    "I asked them for a pot adjustment guide for a 532nm dpss laser with their own made driver or anything really so I know what pot did what. They said they would respond in a day and ignored me for 3 weeks despite sending them a lot of messages. There module was heavly underpowered and the modulation was outragous (40% ramp up and 35% cutoff)
    They still never have gotten back and do not reply to anything.

    (I measured the output power with an ophir head)

    They are going so far with this even chinese manufacturers who buy in modules from them also cannot get the proper support out of them.

    I ended up successfully reverse engineering the driver myself and adjusted it and got like 5x more efficiency or so at least!
    The modulation was also crap and I brought that up by a whole lot. Currently it goes as low at 11% after my adjustements.

    So far my experience from optlasers is that they only want to sell and after that it's all too much.

    The green is now quite good but the pump is weak and the crystal alignment could be a tic better regarding KTP.

    I had a talk with RGBlaser after I saw his bad experience as well about who he talked to regarding optlaser and he gave me a new contact because I wanted to talk to them about their blues.
    I ended up getting in touch with another employee of the company who was a bit strange in response compared to any other conversation I had with chinese suppliers.
    From what I heard from RGBlaser they are very agressive.

    They aren't keen on selling spare parts even if you are paying for it. (I wanted to buy a spare KTP with mount for replacing in another DPSS green I had from them).
    They are really bad and eventually I thought f*ck it and now I'm buying 2x2x5mm ktp crystals from laserwave and getting my own indium foil.

    Moral of the story is: stay away.

    Anyhow if there is anyone out here with an optlaser green and is having issues with it: please hit me up and I'll see if I assist you with improving the green module.
    pics (note it hasn't been rebalanced in software afterwards and the last issue regarding modulation is the blue cutoff that I mentioned before:
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    hello PeterB -

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterB View Post
    ...Especially the RGB Block...also used in the popular laser systems from RGB LASER VERPOOP...Have a look at the picture attached...
    Have you any pix of the *outside* of the 'brick'? We'd be very-keen to see a pic-posted of that... I'll 'explain' if / when you post..

    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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