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Thread: Scannermax 506s

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    Then what amp's are the best to run with these C506 puppies cuz I have 2 set's from 2014 and was waiting for the mach mini which is now never going to happen.

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    Any scanners manufactured before late 2017 are not compatible with the Mach DSP as the position sensor is different.
    They can come back to Pangolin for modification (and of course there will be fees + amp cost + tuning cost), but that doesnt seem terribly efficient.

    Alex Hay at Photon Manufacturing makes an amp, but it is really only for the 2ohm AW50 coil scanners. 2014, you probably have 3ohm 'Standard' Coils. Best option for those is likely modifying a chinese amp, or the HB amp or the X Laser amp. Not compatible with the Kvant amp, not easily compatible with Alex Hay amp. The coil itself works with Mach DSP amp (though not at max performance), but the position sensor is just not compatible.
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