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Thread: Scannermax 506s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pangolin View Post
    Thanks for the video shown in Post # 855 David! Although you made it a while ago, I hadn't seen it up until now. It looks good. People might have had greater context if you also showed the software that works along with them, which shows the status of everything in real time (voltages, temperatures, flags, etc).

    Regarding the question posed about the power supply, yes, we've had custom power supplies made which are pretty small. I can't remember but I think the rating is 200 watts, but the C506/Mach DSP won't consume anywhere near that, and in fact the software tells you the power supply consumption (in both amps and watts) at all times.

    Sure thing, Bill! Good advice on the monitoring software overlay as well. I don't recall the software indicating even moderate heat or corrections on the 506's even when scanning at 40Kpps at 30 degrees optical, but I'll make some time to re-record on my next build with 506's. Hopefully this will be shortly as I have been busy upgrading the small remainder of my home-built projectors to be 'Pango driven'.

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    See the picture attached, which shows the temperature of the board, each scanner coil, and the power consumption. This is all calculated and shown continuously.

    Below is the scope function that can show nearly 100 test points per axis with any scale factor.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Out of curiosity, what power would be recomended to run a set of the Saturns?

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    ''We typically recommend and deliver +/-24V at 3 amps per rail or so.
    This is adequate for the Saturn series and leaves just a bit of extra
    room when using C506.''

    email response I received from Pangolin a while back.

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