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Thread: Scannermax 506s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pangolin View Post
    Thanks for the video shown in Post # 855 David! Although you made it a while ago, I hadn't seen it up until now. It looks good. People might have had greater context if you also showed the software that works along with them, which shows the status of everything in real time (voltages, temperatures, flags, etc).

    Regarding the question posed about the power supply, yes, we've had custom power supplies made which are pretty small. I can't remember but I think the rating is 200 watts, but the C506/Mach DSP won't consume anywhere near that, and in fact the software tells you the power supply consumption (in both amps and watts) at all times.

    Sure thing, Bill! Good advice on the monitoring software overlay as well. I don't recall the software indicating even moderate heat or corrections on the 506's even when scanning at 40Kpps at 30 degrees optical, but I'll make some time to re-record on my next build with 506's. Hopefully this will be shortly as I have been busy upgrading the small remainder of my home-built projectors to be 'Pango driven'.

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    See the picture attached, which shows the temperature of the board, each scanner coil, and the power consumption. This is all calculated and shown continuously.

    Below is the scope function that can show nearly 100 test points per axis with any scale factor.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Out of curiosity, what power would be recomended to run a set of the Saturns?

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    ''We typically recommend and deliver +/-24V at 3 amps per rail or so.
    This is adequate for the Saturn series and leaves just a bit of extra
    room when using C506.''

    email response I received from Pangolin a while back.

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    Default Older vs Newer C506 scanners

    Copy and Pasted from another thread, just to consolidate info for anyone looking. Some differences over the years:

    As for Old vs New scanners - Original C506 was what we call "standard" coil with 2.8Ω coil.

    At some point in late 2014, we came up with the 1.8
    Ω coil for drivers which were able to handle it. For typical laser show use, this would provide higher performance.

    We offered both until around 2016, when we made the choice to switch to the 1.8
    Ω coil as there were very few legacy clients for the 2.8Ω coil.

    We have a "few" industrial clients who still use those 2.8
    Ω coil - and certainly enough parts to make several thousand as needed. It's just a pain to make "two" of them, since typically we make scanners in batches of 100 to 200 at a time.

    The 2.8
    Ω coil doesnt offer as good performance with the Mach DSP driver as the 1.8Ω coil though.

    The bigger difference when related to Mach DSP though - is the polarity of the PD

    Any old C506 with Red or White connectors will NOT work with Mach DSP without significant modifications to the board. The black connectors work with Mach DSP.

    This all has to do with the polarity of the photodiodes:
    'Conventional' polarity was invented in something like 1976, where (and please excuse my jargon, mechanical not electrical), where the position signal is CATHODE and the common is the ANODE on the position sensor.

    Most companies have stuck with this polarity simply due to legacy reasons. Unfortunately (or fortunately) when the technology was developed in 1976, there was simply not as many electronic devices competing or interfering.

    Come 2012 or so when Pangolin was developing the Mach DSP with the Saturn scanners. Through extensive testing, we discovered that the 'conventional' polarity is subject to interference from other devices. Simply changing how these signals are collected, with Position Signal as ANODE and Common as CATHODE, this interference (which shows as noise) was significantly reduced. Having no legacy reasons to keep the 'conventional' polarity, the Mach DSP and the Saturn scanners were designed with the new 'Pangolin' polarity.

    We released a version of the Compact 506 with "conventional" polarity for clients who wish to manufacture their own drivers with 'legacy' polarity, modify other drivers to work with our scanners, etc etc.

    Red and White connector boards are "conventional" polarity, and black is "Pangolin" polarity, which works with Mach DSP only (or any driver modified to use Pangolin polarity). The only difference is the PD board, which can be swapped fairly easily, if needed. (Not as easy as just re pinning the cables!)
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