Hi All

I've been breaking some Martin Ego 3 lighting fixtures as the motors are still sought after for spares.

There is a main kaleidoscope assembly in them which comprises a fixed trianglular mirror tunnel, and a rotating tunnel, driven by a 50:1 geared 12V motor.

In action there was a gobo wheel too, and the combination of mirror tunnel and gobo was pretty good. Unfortunately the boards were fragile and uneconomical to repair (multi layer) and expensive to replace (~180 for a board for a fixture that was ~260 new)

As you will see from the picture, there is a space for another motor to be mounted, so this assembly could provide a platform for a counter rotating grating pair plus an additional wheel of some sort.

Anyway, I was going to put the motors up on eBay separately but I think they may have some use to people here as full assemblies.

Drop me a PM if you have questions.


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