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Thread: buying custom laser show?

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    Default buying custom laser show?

    What companies or individuals can make custom graphic shows?

    I'd also like to know what the usual price for a custom show like this is.

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    Where are you located? Also the venue in which the show is located has effects on the design of a custom show.


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    We are located in Krasnodar,Russia. We already have people who operate and maintain our lasers. but they are not artists. We only need people to make and send us the show. The shows will be played inside our club as usual.

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    Try to contact Olesya at
    She knows here job realy well!

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    try masterpj, hes pretty shit hot
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    Quote Originally Posted by andy_con View Post
    try masterpj, hes pretty shit hot
    Thanks so much for the recommendation Andy.

    Eldow my first questions to you would be this though:
    - Whats the length of the to be finished show?
    - Have you decided on a song already?
    - Will you be working with laser projectors that have scanners tuned and capable of 30kpps and RGB analog modulation?
    - Do you have a preference for 3D or 2D animation?
    - What's the theme the show need to be in, telling your thoughs and mindset about getting a show made is very important in being able to satisfy a customer in my opinion.
    - When do you need this done?

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    Thanks. I've pm you.

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