I'd like to start putting together a list of needed stuff to buy for a new projector. My plan is to have 445, 473, 520, 532, 635 and some higher WL red in it at the end. I want this to be a legal for public show use projector. I'm hoping somebody would be able to build the 445, 520 and reds to have similar beam size with minimal divergence. My goal to start off is to have 1W 520, 3-4W of 445 and 2-3W for each red. I'm not sure about the 532 and 473 yet. As for the case, it will probably be something custom. I'll probably take measurements once I have most of the laser modules, PSUs and some other stuff on hand. That way I can simulate their positions on cardboard or something else.

If anybody can help or has suggestions, let me know. This is in the planning stage.