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Thread: Newbie DIY questions.

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    Laser Warning Newbie DIY questions.

    I am interested in making a DIY laser projector for fun. I have done /some/ research and I am interested to know if these are good things to buy. I want to make mostly abstract graphics. I want to use my soundcard as a DAC and use openlase. Any suggestions or comments? What else might I need? How good will these parts be in terms of color and resolution? How far can I expect the throw to be at night?

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    The scannerset you suggest, are OK as a beginnes set, but will require som tuning to perfom optimal.
    The laser module is OK for the money you put into it, but i guess you will be disapointed. The red will be 4-6 times the size of the green beam and 2-3 times as wide as the blue. This is more and more visible as the throwdistance increases.

    That said, for abstracts, the "analogo" modulation of this module will be really enoying, as it does not modulate in a "normal" manner. It makes more or less raster pattern instead of increase/decrease in intensity. I hva a 400mw and a 1000mw of theese, and only use them for beams.

    You are far better off saving up som more, and then get som single mode modules with proper modulation. I guess some members here are willing to build som modules for you if you ask, or if you want to really DIY, look at DTR, and his RGB soingle mode RGB-bundle. Tighter beams increases throw distance.
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