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Thread: Cheap iShow ILDA controllers - worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfMax View Post
    Here is a link to a web page that has download links for the latest IShow 2.3 software and the Win7 32bit driver.

    IShow Download page

    The software is in split rar files and the driver is in a single rar file. To install the driver (32bit Win 7 OS only), copy the contents of the rar file to a directory. Plug in the IShow DAC. Let it install as an unrecognised device. Go to device manager and find the device. Choose upgrade driver and open the directory you saved the files in. As it installs you will get a message that the driver is uncertified. Click on install anyway. Software should see the DAC now.

    It is possible to install Win7 32bit as a virtual machine on a 64bit Win 7 PC (I've done it but you need a separate licence!) and the DAC will work. However there is the possibility of latency issues.

    Edit: correct file type for driver file.
    The dropbox download link is invalid or broken!

    Please @WolfMax send-me new link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djdouglaslourenco View Post
    The dropbox download link is invalid or broken!

    Please @WolfMax send-me new link?
    Sorry but that was the only link I had for it. i'm now using FB3's and Quickshow.


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    I just uploaded my whole ishow drivers directory in one zip over on another thread where I had copied/quoted this post of yours WolfMax, I DO believe that it contains what was in your link. Hopefully he is patient and did not give up... yet.

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