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    Default Laser Man Show System

    We are an entertainment production company starting to branch into the laser world. We are wanting to produce a laser man type show and are looking for either a company to purchase from or someone wanting to sell a used system.

    Wanting 5W Green laser man setup. We will need software, base that performer stands on top of, the hand Lasers, etc.

    While we work with a lot of LED PAR and intelligent moving lights; we realize that lasers have a different language all together other than DMX. So we are starting from scratch when it comes to the cabling and all accessories needed to work with these lasers.

    Looking for guidance and to ultimately purchase everything we need so we can get to work in our warehouse.

    Thanks for any and all help in advance :-)


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    This isn't rocket science - 1 min of google searching found the 'Laserman' kits are available here no idea what sort of quality or how safe it is though:

    1. 5W Green Laser Light
    2. 100mW x 2 laser pointer
    3. Stage truss
    4. Software: PANGOLIN
    5. Programmes: 4 sets(free of charge)

    These kits can contain pre made Laserman shows.

    Basically you would need the following:

    Laptop / with Pangolin software installed.
    Network cable from the laptop to a QM card (or one installed in the PC)
    25 pin cable from the card to the laser (commonly known as an ILDA connector).
    Some sort of E-Stop system to kill the laser if needed (this is required by Health & Safety).

    Thats an outline of what you would need before you even buy the Laserman kit.

    You could just make your own (with professional advice) as it just a 5W laser/scanner unit under a box with a glass top (as far as I can see)!

    You could do alot worse than buying Mikes kit he has for sale:

    Then all you would need is the laptop and the Laserman equipment...

    Anyway you have come to the right place and im sure someone local to you in the US could help you get this up and running. You really need to hook up with someone with lots of experience who can visit you and talk through how this is going to integrate with your show and address issues which would change on a per venue basis such as audience / artist positions /safe projection zones etc. You would certainly need clearance from relevant Health & safety for each venue before going ahead.

    Equipment like this has to fail to a safe state.

    You will find plenty of unbiased information and help here...

    Because of the powers involved this equipment is not safe until someone who knows what they are doing and has the relevant laser safety experience sets up the show and the individual who is the 'laserman' also has the relevant training. Also authority to go ahead from local laser safety officers
    -Lasers of this power will burn skin and will cause irreversible eye damage...not to mention the fire hazards.
    I tend to treat a powerful laser much like a loaded gun- this mindset has served me well....
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    Hey Krend.

    Where in the world are you?

    This will depend greatly on where you are for a number of reasons, not least the fact that the "LaserMan" show is, afaik, copyrighted and possibly a franchise.
    Also, 5w of any laser is pretty hazardous if you're not experienced in using it! Especially if you're intending to put someone in the line of fire.

    If you're in the US, you need a show Varience(?) before you're allowed to use a laser of any sort in a public place for any commercial purposes.

    The list goes on... and varies depending on where you are.
    I'd recommend you fill in your location and hopefully someone local to you will pipe in with the relevant local legislative good news...
    If in doubt... Give it a clout?

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    Yes good point Wookie, I was looking for the location also but then found they are in Virginia USA.
    This is generally a good site to let these guys know what they are getting in to!
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    according to here:

    The Laserman Experience shows are copyright:
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    Quote Originally Posted by krendlmagic View Post

    Wanting 5W Green laser man setup. We will need software, base that performer stands on top of, the hand Lasers, etc.
    You are aware of what 5W will do to eyes especially from a pointer style source?

    Those powers are illegal in to be shone into audiences in all European Countries and the USA, unless measures are taken to get the emissions within MPE, and those powers are highly dangerous to eyes still anywhere else in the world even if legal, if they are aimed into the audience and outside of MPE.

    You'd do well to read this - permanent eye damage cause by laser pointers of in the region of 200mw+ at a commercial show:

    Not trying to come down all heavy. But I rather get the impression you don't know what you are getting yourself into.

    Laser light isn't like normal light, it can burn eyes.
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    No, not at all guys...I appreciate your insight and advice. I just thought power, which is why I mentioned 5W. I have to be prepared for this concept to have ambient light around it like in a banquet room and or outdoor venue (I realize outdoor I will have to have a ceiling over me). I am wanting and needing to know as much about this as I can.

    While I understand the Laser man show is probably a copy-written concept, I am not looking to completely steal or copy it. I have a magician/illusionist background and plan on integrating this laser man concept into other things (laser man is the concept I am using to explain what I am wanting to do visual with the laser itself). With that said if there is a less powerful/safer way I am all for that. If the stronger laser is the way to go then of course I would like to find someone to mentor from or at least get crash course know the blocking I need, the angles I need to be aware of, etc.

    My background is in working with lighting design, not lasers....which is why I opened this post for help.

    Also, someone asked where I am based...I am in Virginia, USA

    I was going to just buy a kit and go forward, but once I found this forum I knew it was better to be guided in decision by people have have been working with lasers.

    I look forward to continuing this thread learning more and buying what is needed to start experimenting and learning, while at the same time not waste my money and time on things I don't need or should consider using.

    Thank you guys for everything so far, I look forward to moving this more forward! :-)

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    Laserman always does his shows in a very dark lighting state so you are right to mention a power of 5W as much less would diminish the effect in ambient light, especially as many of the beams are going upwards and not towards the audience. A laser beam is at its brightest when directed towards (although not directly at) an audience. You really need as much power as you can afford if this is going to be a really striking effect in potentially bright ambient lighting. And also getting the haze right can make or break a show. If i was asked to set this sort of effect up I would go for at least 5- 6 watts and up to 10 or 12 for very large venues, this may seem excessive but you can always turn the power down. Were you going to incorporate laser pointers in your ideas or just the beams coming up from below? - if so the power of the pointers is never going to match the lasers from below so they would have to be aimed more towards the audience to look balanced in power. - which obviously causes the safety concerns mentioned in the other posts.
    The other way to bypass the need for pointers is to use the palm mounted mirrors but this would limit many of the best effects.
    Of course, your show may be such an extreme reinvention of the concept that these issues are irelevent.
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    make sure you don't do it outside and hit any airplanes or at least file the faa paperwork. use haze and you can drop the required power by at least 100 ie 50mw Still not perfectly safe but a whole lot better. Also expand the beam a bit to drop mpe.

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