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Thread: I can't login the first time

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    Default I can't login the first time

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    I do get this message to. I just click on the "new post" at the top of the page and go on from there. No need to log in twice.
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    I've seen it but not often. I usually log in either when replying to a post from non-logged state, or on top right of the new activity list which is where I usually start.

    Not directly related maybe, but could be helpful in thinking through login stuff:
    Logging in on a browser instance launched from the first, like when reading some thread while wanting to keep the list page scrolled where it is, will log you in if you want to reply, but if new activity arises on the first instance's page, it will log you right out again and you won't know this till your attempt to post your reply in the second instance fails.
    If you log in on the FIRST instance, and launch ALL subsequent instances of PhotonLexicon from that first one (or from one launched as a descendent of it), you'll stay logged in. If you launch a new browser instance from direct program shortcut or whatever to get to PhotonLexicon, it will log you out on ALL OTHER INSTANCES ALREADY OPENED. This directly implies that there is one cookie whose state is overridden for all instances, by the latest one.

    It's possible that this is related to a specific browser and the way it handles cookies, but it goes to show that this stiff is very complex.

    The only real fix is to clear cookies if in doubt, then establish something that does work well enough the way you want, and stay with it. Things like the weirdness I mentioned irritate me a lot but apart from being of limited usefulness to help people figure stuff out here, it has little worth, I usually just try to remember to open one instance, log in there, and only open new PL instances from that one. It's the most consistently reliable method I've found.

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