I heard about the Ether Dream from the good folks here and am told the designer is a member.

I've read the manual and have scoured the protocol manual, and have some remaining questions about the Ether Dream:

  • In the docs on the ether dream website, it says "All features can be controlled with the standard OSC protocol." Is that true?
  • Are the OSC commands fully documented? If so, where?
  • What is the buffer size of the Ether Dream? i.e., how many two point line segments can it hold before you give it the Begin Playback of Prepare Stream commands?
  • Is there a mode where the Ether Dream can accept new buffer data without stopping the current playback (until you give it the new playback command)? In other words, allowing you to double buffer?
  • The dac_point structure accepts values "int16_t x" and "int16_t y". How are these scaled with regard to the laser output? Is it -32,768 to 32,768?

That's it for now! Thanks!

Also, just for comparison, are there any other laser DACs that are in the same price range that have the functionality?